Unique Aroma Therapy and Exercise Programs at Latanya Palm & Spa Hotel

As Latanya Palm & Spa Hotel, we serve you with our specially designed aroma therapy and exercise programs to offer you a healthy and young life. Thanks to these comprehensive programs, while your body is purified from toxins, you can have smooth skin and a healthy body with the rich mineral content of water and treatments using special products.

Latanya Spa and Wellness Center

  • Aroma Therapy: Aroma therapy sessions performed by our expert therapists are performed using natural plant extracts and essential oils. This therapy helps you relieve stress and fatigue while relaxing your mind and body.

    Detox Programs: You can benefit from our specially designed detox programs to remove toxins from your body and increase your energy level. These programs are supported by nutritional counseling and detox drinks.

    Exercise Programs: Personalized exercise programs prepared by our expert trainers are ideal for you to gain both fitness and flexibility. We offer a variety of exercise options such as yoga, pilates, cardio and weight training.

    Skin Care: Our skin care, performed with rich mineral-containing water and special care products, deeply cleans and renews your skin. Thanks to these treatments, you can have brighter and younger skin.

Professional Staff and Wide Range of Services:

In our Spa and Wellness Center located within Latanya Palm & Spa Hotel, we provide a wide range of services with a professional staff who have received expert training. In our center, which integrates the principles of healthy diagnosis, perfect service and continuous follow-up with the possibilities of high technology, we bring together traditional Turkish hospitality and the mystical atmosphere of the Far East.

Atmosphere and Experience:

  • Traditional Turkish Hospitality: We offer our guests the best of traditional Turkish hospitality to make them feel at home. This special touch makes your spa experience even more unforgettable.

    Mystical Aura of the Far East: The atmosphere of our spa center reflects the peaceful and serene atmosphere of the Far East. In this way, you will experience both physical and mental relaxation.

Massages Applied in Our SPA Center;

Classical Massage Aroma Therapy

Thai Massage

Shatsu Massage

Relax Massage

Bali Massage

Jimbaran Massage

Scheherazade Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Cellulite Massage

Chocolate Massage

Hydrotherapy Massage

Honey Massage

Back Massage

Face Massage

Reflexology Massage

We invite you to our Latanya Spa Centre to protect your health and youth. As Latanya Palm & Spa Hotel, we look forward to this unique experience where you will feel special and leave refreshed.

We wish you a pleasant and healthy day,

Latanya Palm & Spa Hotel Management

SPA & WELLNESS: It provides service between 10:00 - 23:00.
Turkish Bath, Sauna, Steam Room, Jacuzzi are free of charge for hotel guests.
MASSAGE TREATMENTS: Paid and bookable.

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