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Perfect Events with Latanya Palm & Spa Hotel Meeting Rooms

Our precious guests,

As Latanya Palm & Spa Hotel, we are at your service with our meeting rooms designed to meet the needs of the business world and various organisations at the highest level. Combining modern technology and elegant design, our halls offer the perfect venue for various events.

Our expert team is at your side for you to realise all kinds of meetings and events in a perfect way.

Corporate Events

Dealer Meetings: We are at your service with our large and comfortable areas where you can come together with your business partners to determine new strategies and strengthen your relationships. Our meeting rooms are equipped with all kinds of technical equipment and offer all the necessary facilities for an effective and efficient meeting.

Product Launches: When introducing your new products, we provide all kinds of technical support necessary for you to make a presentation in a professional and impressive environment. Your launches will become more impressive with our visual and audio equipment.

Motivation Meetings: We offer an ideal venue to revitalize team spirit and increase the motivation of your employees. All the necessary details have been considered to make your motivational meetings productive and enjoyable.

Celebration Ceremonies: You can organize unforgettable ceremonies in our stylish and elegant halls to celebrate your institution's successes and special days. Our professional team will be with you throughout the entire organization process.

Social Responsibility Projects: You can reach wider audiences by using our halls in the projects you will organize to contribute to society. We provide all technical and logistical support to increase the effectiveness of your projects.

Press Conferences: We offer an impressive and professional environment for your meetings with the media. All your technical requirements are fully met to ensure that your press conferences are smooth and successful.

State and Protocol Organizations: We offer an ideal venue for official organizations and events requiring protocol. All details, from security to logistics, are meticulously arranged.

As Latanya Palm & Spa Hotel, we are at your service with our professional team to ensure that every event you hold in our meeting rooms goes smoothly. Our halls, which can be arranged according to your needs, have equipment and elegance suitable for all kinds of events. We would be very happy to host you.

Wishing you successful and productive organizations,

Latanya Palm & Spa Hotel Management

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