Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Management System Policy:

At Latanya Palm & Spa Hotel, we are committed to anticipating our guests' vacation expectations and providing a high level of satisfaction-oriented service. Located in Antalya, our hotel not only offers you a comfortable and enjoyable stay, but also makes you feel at home despite being far away.

Latanya Palm & Spa Hotel aims to provide our guests with excellent service, quality and high levels of satisfaction by offering comfortable accommodation at affordable prices.

Our Quality Management System Policy: "In order to provide our guests with better quality and innovative services above world standards in the ever-developing, changing and growing tourism sector and to become the sector leader; we promise to be loyal to the principles of guest orientation, continuous improvement, respect for business values, respect for staff, giving importance to society and the environment, and acting in accordance with the law".


Guest Satisfaction: To ensure at least 95% satisfaction in internal guest satisfaction surveys.

Staff Loyalty: Ensuring that staff turnover does not exceed 5% on an annual basis.

Training and Development: To provide 90% of the staff with the specified trainings by adhering to the annual training plan.

Internal Audit and Management Review: To realize all internal audit and management review meetings on planned dates.

Food Safety: To obtain 99% error-free results in food sample analyzes.

As Latanya Palm & Spa Hotel, we will continue to provide the best service to our guests and keep their satisfaction at the highest level within the framework of our quality policy. With our guest-oriented service approach, we are taking firm steps towards becoming a pioneering and innovative hotel in the sector.

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